Reeling's Top 10 of 2009

Robin Clifford of Reeling
Robin Clifford
Laura Clifford of Reeling
Laura Clifford
 1) The Hurt Locker
 2)  Up
 3) Where the Wild Things Are
 4) Inglourious Basterds
 5) A Serious Man
 6) The Way We Get By
 7) The White Ribbon
 8) The Damned United
 9) Mary and Max
10) An Education

Best Animation:  Up, Mary and Max (review coming soon), Fantastic Mr. Fox, Coraline, 9
Best Documentary:    Burma VJ, The Way We Get By, Yoo Hoo Mrs. Goldberg, Food, Inc.
 1) The Hurt Locker
 2) Where the Wild Things Are
 3) A Serious Man
 4) Inglourious Basterds
 5) The White Ribbon
 6) An Education
 7) Police Adjective
 8) The Damned United
 9) Public Enemies
 10) In the Loop

Best Animation: a tie!  Up and Mary and Max

Best Documentary:  The Way We Get By.

Also worthy: Goodbye Solo, Star Trek, Sugar, Summer Hours, Treeless Mountain, Tulpan.

Special kudos to ... writer/director Lars von Trier for his uniqueness of vision and provocation with "Antichrist"....and repeated from last year - composer Carter Burwell for helping Spike Jonze achieve *his* vision with the year's best score for "Where the Wild Things Are" as well as for his work on "A Serious Man."  In the overlooked and underappreciated department, to Alan Rickman, whose Professor Snape in the "Harry Potter" series has always been one of  its biggest asssets and who, this year, began his climatic story arc and to Tilda Swinton, who very few saw give a gritty, raw yet fun turn in "Julia." Filmmaker/star Michael Keaton's "The Merry Gentleman" was a melancholy minor miracle early in the year and the best film not released in our (Boston) market last year which would have been high on 2008's top ten list became available on DVD this year - "Silent Light."

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