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Robin Clifford of Reeling Reviews
Robin Clifford 
Cash Only
Laura Clifford of Reeling Reviews
Laura Clifford 

Elvis Martini (Nickola Shreli) has some serious problems, His apartment building is about to be foreclosed on by the bank, most of his tenants owe him months of rent and he is behind in paying his gambling debts to the dangerous Albanian mob. When he finds a stash of money in one of his empty flats his problems are solved, but they are really not by a long shot in “Cash Only.”

The owner of the stash of cash, mobster Dino (Stivi Paskoski), calls Elvis and breaks the news that will send the hapless landlord into a fast descending downward spiral. Dino has Elvis’ beloved daughter and will return her safely once he is paid $45000. If not, well, Dino runs an illegal dog fighting operation and his dogs get hungry. This not well-veiled threat sends Elvis into a frenzy to try to raise the cash, putting his wits to the test.

Director Malik Bader and scripter and lead actor Nicola Shreli cover familiar ground with their story of a man trying to save his daughter from Easter European gangsters. The roving camera follows Elvis and the schemes he comes up with to get the money he needs. How he goes about this is intelligent in its deceptions. There is a fatalism in Elvis’ story that leaves you, in the end, knowing this is not a happily ever after fairy tale. I give it a B-.

Laura gives "Cash Only" a C+.
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