Show #365 of Reeling: The Movie Review Show
with Robin & Laura Clifford
October 5, 2005

Laura Clifford of Reeling: the Movie Review Show
Laura Clifford
The Cigarettes and Movies Special
Robin Clifford of Reeling: the Movie Review Show
Robin Clifford

Grease Battleground Clerks Breathless (A Bout de Souffle) Cabaret
That first cigarette and using cigarettes to be cool...

Sexy Beast Strangers on a Train  For a Few Dollars More
Cigarettes as tools of intimidation...

Freaks Sunset Blvd. Dr. Strangelove
Defining oneself with a cigarette...

Face/Off In a Lonely Place Fight Club
Revealing one's self with a cigarette....

Coffee and Cigarettes 3 Women
The cigarette break...

Rear Window American Guerilla in the Philippines
Cigarettes as a means of detection...

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Sunset Blvd.
Cigarettes (and their cases) as a means of barter

Airplane! From Here to Eternity
That after sex cigarette...

Now Voyager
Cigarette seduction...

Rushmore Casablanca
Lovesick with cigarettes...

Down With Love Beetlejuice Sid and Nancy The In-Laws
Cigarettes and death, whether by second-hand smoke, smoking in bed or firing squad!

The Crow 25 Ways to Quit Smoking My Best Friend's Wedding
Getting help quitting...

21 Grams Dead Again
...but some people never know when to quit

Beetlejuice Shoulder Arms Sexy Beast Pulp Fiction Fight Club
Cigarette special effects, in jokes and the cinematic lexicon...

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