Show #409 of Reeling: The Movie Review Show
with Robin & Laura Clifford
June 13, 2007

Laura Clifford of Reeling: the Movie Review Show
Laura Clifford
The MFA's 12th Annual French Film Festival
(July 12-29 - opening weekend - My Best Friend, The Man of My Life, 7 Years)
You Kill Me
Ocean's Thirteen
La Vie en Rose (La Môme)
Pierrepoint: The Last Hangman
Day Watch (Dnevnoy dozor)
Surf's Up
Robin Clifford of Reeling: the Movie Review Show
Robin Clifford
The Museum of Fine Arts' 12th Boston French Film Festival - Part I (click here for schedule)
My Best Friend
My Best Friend (Mon Meilleur Ami)
7 Years
7 Years  (7Ans)

You Kill Me - click for review
You Kill Me

La Vie en Rose - click for review
La Vie en Rose
Ocean's Thirteen - click for review
Ocean's Thirteen
Day Watch (Dnevnoy dozor) - click for review
Day Watch (Dnevnoy dozor)
Surf's Up - click for review
Surf's Up
Pierrepoint: The Last Hangman - click for review
Pierrepoint: The Last Hangman

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