Warlords (Tau ming chong)

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Robin Clifford 
  The Warlords
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Laura Clifford 

In the mid-18th Century, rebels who want to overthrow the corrupt regime were challenging the Manchu-dominated Qing Dynasty in China. Pang (Jet Li), one of the Qing generals, loses his entire command in battle and wanders the countryside in confusion and grief. A young woman, Lian, shows him kindness by feeding and caring for Pang. He meets, through her, a young rebel, Er Hu (Andy Lau), and his “big brother” Zhang (Takeshi Kaneshiro) and, together, they become “The Warlords.”

“The Warlords” is many things and they are all good. The 2007 Asian blockbuster has finally made it to our shores and we get a doozy of a movie. Political thriller, historical drama, epic adventure, love story, history lesson, chop socky flick, art house movie and gangster film, directors Peter Chan and Wai Man Yip bundle it all together and give it a great arc. The principal characters have a dynamic that is constantly changing as loyalties and allegiances shift to meet the political and emotional situations of the time.

Jet Li is at his best as both actor and martial artist as he